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Investment Strategy

“The only constant in the corporate world is change and Rosseau takes advantage of that change.”

Rosseau Asset Management Ltd.'s investment objective is to maximize long-term capital appreciation through Event Driven / Special Situation investing in North America, with a Canadian focus.  Rosseau makes use of its core competency in fundamental research to identify opportunities arising from corporate restructurings, turnarounds, unique growth situations and market anomalies. Rosseau employs long and short strategies, using leverage when prudent, with equity, fixed-income and derivative instruments to take advantage of these opportunities. Investment hold periods are generally longer-term in nature, usually ranging from six months to several years.

Rosseau is well known for its expertise in the Mining and Oil & Gas sectors.  In addition, Rosseau has successfully invested in other sectors including Technology, Biotechnology, Consumer Products and Industrials and will continue to participate when opportunities arise.

Rosseau has substantially outperformed the S&P/TSX Index since its inception on December 31, 1998.  However, given the investment strategy and the cyclical nature of the sectors invested in, investors can expect above average levels of volatility compared to securities markets in general.

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